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2022-2023 University Bulletin 
2022-2023 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Undergraduate Education Programs

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The School of Education (SOE) offers majors in Early Childhood education, Elementary education, Secondary education, K-12 education, and Special education.The SOE also offers a five-and-a-half- to six-year combined Bachelor’s and Master’s program in special education, a Special Education minor, an Educational Studies major, and an education minor for students who are not seeking professional educator licensure.

These licensure programs are grounded in the values of scholarship, leadership, and service. University courses and early field experiences at school sites provide opportunities designed to enable the undergraduate student to acquire the requisite knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for effective teaching in today’s diverse classrooms.

All undergraduate programs meet the licensure requirements of the Illinois State Board of Education. Candidates who plan to teach in other states should consult the licensure requirements for those states and should elect courses within their undergraduate program that meet the special requirements of those states.

Requirements, regulations, and procedures outlined in this Bulletin govern teacher licensure  programs at Dominican University. Candidates wishing to work toward teacher licensure should study this Bulletin and consult with advisors from the School of Education early in their college careers.

The undergraduate teacher education programs are designed to foster a commitment to research, reflection, and inquiry in the classroom; collaboration among individuals, institutions, and communities; a blending of theory and practice; consideration of multiple perspectives; and the effective use of technology as a teaching and learning tool. The overarching aim of the program is to cultivate teachers who share a set of core values that includes a commitment to social justice, an understanding of the strengths and needs of a diverse student population, and a dedication to equity and excellence for all students.

Dominican teacher education program graduates have the unique opportunity to experience a comprehensive program that includes the liberal arts and sciences core curriculum courses, content courses in the various liberal arts disciplines, professional and pedagogical education courses, and extensive supervised clinical experiences that focus on the development of practices essential to beginning teachers. As our graduates become successful educators, their work reflects the mission of the university, and their responsibility as educators to provide compassionate service, and promote a more just and humane world.

Field experiences begin in the first year of the program. The Secondary and K-12 majors are co-requisites majors. They are completed in conjunction with an academic major in an area of licensure. Students pursuing a secondary or K-12 major select an academic major from one of the university’s departments ensuring that candidates attain competence in the academic content that they plan to teach.

Education Program Requirements

Teacher candidates must pass IL State Board of Education (ISBE) approved assessments:

1. IL Content Area Test(s) (prior to student teaching)
2. edTPA Teacher Performance Assessment (during student teaching)

All education courses presented for licensure must be passed with a C- or better and an overall GPA of 2.75 is required.


Criteria for Teacher Education Program Acceptance:

1. Currently enrolled in or have completed EDUC 200/CRWS 101ECED 300/CRWS 101SEDU 302 or equivalent course

2. Cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above

3. Clear fingerprint and background check following the steps outlined in the CPS Field Experience Registration (note: scroll down to the left side for Field Experience Registration)

The CPS Field Experience Registration requests the following information:

  • Field Placement Coordinator name:  Bridget Burns
  • Field Placement Coordinator contact number:  708-524-6806
  • Field Placement Coordinator email address:
  • Name of CPS Placement School:  unknown

You will receive an email Approval Notice from CPS. Please save that email and know that when you do field experience at a CPS school, you will need to show your CPS Approval Notice to the school. Upload a screenshot of the CPS Approval Notice as indicated on the online TEP application.


To Apply to the Teacher Education Program

1. Set up a licensure account (ELIS) at the Illinois State Board of Education to obtain an Illinois Educator Identification Number (IEIN).

2. Complete the Online Teacher Education Program Application. After you submit your application, a confirmation will be sent to your email for your records.

3. After receiving notification of your acceptance into the TEP, the Office of Student Success and Engagement will officially declare your major. 

If you have any questions about your TEP application, please email Monica Halloran at


Continuation in Teacher Education Program 

The following criteria are required in order to continue as a candidate in the Teacher Education Program:

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75; Education GPA of 2.75
  • A minimum grade of C- in all courses presented for licensure
  • Acceptable dispositions ratings

A candidate who does not meet the above requirements is subject to the School of Education’s candidate intervention/remediation process. As part of that process, candidates and their advisors will develop an intervention/remediation plan for the candidate. The plan is designed to support candidates in addressing the criteria above that are not satisfied. If the plan is not successfully met, the candidate may be withdrawn from the program.


Criteria for Admission to Student Teaching 

  • IL Content Area Test(s): all candidates must earn a passing score by September 30 for spring student teaching and by June 30 for fall student teaching. You can register and get more information at ICTS Testing Service:

In addition to the passing score by the required date on the state-required Content Test(s), the following prerequisites for student teaching placement are necessary:

  • Completion of education courses specified in your program
  • Minimum grade of C- in all courses presented for licensure and clear background check
  • At least 75 field experience hours are completed and no more than 25 hours are in process during the term in which you are applying
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75; Education GPA of 2.75
  • Approval of your education advisor



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