May 28, 2023  
2022-2023 University Bulletin 
2022-2023 University Bulletin

Secondary and K-12 Education- BA

The major in Secondary and K-12 Education prepares students for teaching in grades 9-12 or K-12. The grade range is dependent upon the student’s Arts and Sciences major. This major is a co-requisite major meaning it must be completed along with an Arts and Sciences major and cannot be completed alone. The Arts and Sciences majors for secondary education are biology, chemistry, English, history, and mathematics. The Arts and Science majors for K-12 education are art, French, Italian, and Spanish. Information about these majors can be found in the Rosary College of Arts and Sciences section of this bulletin.

NOTE: After completing both the Secondary and K-12 Education major and the Arts and Sciences major, students must complete Student Teaching and the Student Teaching Seminar in order to be eligible for a Professional Educator License from the Illinois State Board of Education.

The major is comprised of pedagogical and professional coursework, general education competencies, and field experience. The courses and field experience required for the major and the additional requirements for licensure are outlined below.

Required Courses:

General Education Competencies

(Note: these requirements are met through the DU or IAI core curricula).

  • One literature course
  • One history course
  • One mathematics course
  • One natural science
  • One social science
Field Experience:
  • Dominican requires early field experiences equivalent to 100 clock hours. These experiences must be completed in a variety of school settings, providing the candidate with an exposure to different grade levels, teaching styles, and subject areas, as well as to students of diverse backgrounds and students with disabilities. Field experience is complete in the following courses:
  • EDUC 200  - 15 hours
  • EDUC 386  - 25 hours
  • SEDU 322  - 25 hours
  • EDUC 400  -EDUC 406  - 35 hours

Additional Requirements

  • All professional education requirements must be fulfilled prior to student teaching. The grading scale for all courses is A-F. 
  • Courses for secondary licensure must be completed in a pre-specified sequence that is determined by the candidate’s major. Candidates should meet with their education advisor and their major advisor early in their college careers to plan their course of study.

Licensure Requirements

In addition to completing both majors, students must complete the following requirements in order to be eligible for a Professional Educator License.

  • Illinois State Board of Education Content Test for their area of licensure.
  • EDUC 491  - Student Teaching Seminar: Middle and Secondary
  • EDUC 496   - Student Teaching: Middle and Secondary

Additional Endorsements

Endorsements are required to teach additional subjects and grade ranges. Students pursuing the secondary education licensure are eligible for a middle grades endorsement by completing the middle grades content test for their licensure area. Students may also wish to add endorsements in ESL/Bilingual Education or Special Education (LBSI). Information regarding adding endorsements to a license may be obtained from students’ education advisors or from the School of Education licensure officer.