May 18, 2024  
2023-2024 University Bulletin 
2023-2024 University Bulletin

Translation and Applied Cultural Studies -B.A.

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A major in Translation and Applied Cultural Studies (TACS) is an interdisciplinary course of study that trains students to apply advanced linguistic and cultural proficiency in two or more languages to the translation (written word) and/or interpretation (spoken word) of highly specialized content areas of academic and professional expertise in the legal, medical, technical, educational, sociopolitical, literary and cultural fields.

TACS consists of 30 credit hours of required courses in Translation, beyond the Core. Students must declare a full major or a minor to specialize their translation skills within an area of content knowledge and professional expertise. To graduate with a Major in Translation and Applied Cultural Studies, students will be required to earn a minimum of 124 credits. Translation from Spanish to English and English to Spanish will be the primary focus of students’ training in the program.

Major Requirements

Thirty semester hours must be completed beyond the Core with an additional major or a minor in an area of expertise chosen in conference with a department advisor. For example, students can double major in Political Science & TACS, International Business & TACS, English & TACS or Spanish & TACS etc. Alternatively, students can major in TACS with minors in any available fields, for example Computer Science, Theology, Psychology, English, Political Sciences etc. Core courses fulfill university requirements for both majors and required TACS courses also fulfill university expectations for Disciplinary Perspectives in Humanities and Arts and TACS Electives might fulfill Dominican Frameworks in Social Justice and Theology.

Core Recommended Courses

Complete one of the following: 

  • CRWS 101  -Dual Language (4 credits)
  • CRWS 101  - Related to area of expertise (minor or major in combination with TACS or language/culture related) (4 credits)

Required courses:

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