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2019-2020 University Bulletin 
2019-2020 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Brennan School of Business

 Courses of Instruction


The Brennan School of Business provides experiential business education at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels. Our faculty prepares students to advance their careers by combining both theory and practice within and beyond the classroom. Guided by the University’s core values of Caritas et Veritas, we develop ethically-minded leaders who create sustainable value for businesses and communities in a global society.

Vision Statement

The Brennan School of Business aspires to be the Innovative Leader in Experiential Business Education.


The Brennan School of Business offers six undergraduate majors and two graduate degree programs. 

The Brennan School of Business was created to fulfill the mission of Dominican University by providing value-centered intellectual development and professional preparation in the business disciplines for motivated students. Our  programs  foster the personal, social, and professional development of our students through excellent teaching, careful mentoring, and rigorous programs of study.

Taught by a faculty of well-prepared academicians and distinguished practitioners, the curriculum takes a broad interdisciplinary approach to business education. The Brennan School of Business supports the university’s goal of graduating intellectually curious and engaged students who will carry with them an enthusiasm for lifelong learning as cultural traditions and the professional environment constantly change and evolve.

Academic Policies for Graduate Students

The Academic Regulations  of the university apply to Brennan School of Business course offerings, degree programs, and students. In addition, the students enrolled in Brennan School of Business graduate programs are bound by the following policies:

Academic Progress

Students are expected to complete their graduate degree within six years and are encouraged to meet regularly with their academic advisor for assistance in developing a degree completion plan. Those requiring an extended period of study must meet with the associate dean to structure a schedule of completion for their degree. Students who wish to return after an absence of more than five years without reapplying as a new student must obtain approval from the dean. Those permitted to return will be subject to the program curriculum in effect at the time of their return.

Probation and Dismissal

A student is placed on probation if his or her cumulative grade point average (GPA) falls below 3.0 after at least nine credit hours of study in graduate core or elective courses.  Once a student is placed on probation, if a cumulative GPA of 3.0 has not been reached after the completion of six additional credit hours, the student will be subject to dismissal. A student who has been dismissed must wait at least one semester before reapplying for admission. For purposes of this policy on probation and dismissal, only graduate core and elective business courses completed at Dominican University will be considered in the calculation of the cumulative GPA. The Brennan School of Business reserves the right to deny registration to any student who, in the opinion of the administration, is not progressing satisfactorily toward a degree or who, for other reasons, is deemed unsuitable for the program.

Foundation Course Waivers

Foundation courses required for degree programs may be waived if students have successfully completed equivalent course work at another accredited institution as part of their previous studies. In order to be eligible for waivers, students must have achieved a grade of B or better in an equivalent course.  Original transcripts are required for consideration of waivers. Transcripts will be reviewed for waivers at the time of admission.
Students who do not have the academic preparation required for a foundation course waiver, but who believe that they have sufficient expertise in a foundation area, may request to take a proficiency examination. Proficiency examinations in each of the foundation areas are administered by Brennan School of Business faculty, who will determine whether a student demonstrates sufficient knowledge to warrant a foundation course waiver.  Examinations may be taken only once, and the determination of the faculty regarding the waiver is final and cannot be appealed.  Proficiency examinations should be coordinated with the Director of Graduate Programs.
Core courses and electives cannot be waived. All waivers are subject to final approval by the Director of Graduate Programs in consultation with the University Registrar.

Transfer of Credit

Students who have completed relevant graduate courses at another AACSB-accredited institution may transfer up to six semester hours of credit toward the MBA or MSA degree. All transfer credits are subject to approval and no transfer credit will be awarded unless an official transcript is provided showing that a grade of B or better was achieved. All transfer credit decisions are subject to final approval by the Director of Graduate Programs in consultation with the University Registrar.

Returning for a Second Degree

Students currently enrolled in one of the degree programs in the Brennan School of Business who wish to apply for a second degree must submit a new application and a new personal statement. All other required documentation such as transcripts, recommendation letters, GMAT or GRE, and TOEFL or IELTS scores submitted for the first degree will be carried forward to the application.
Brennan School of Business alumnae/i seeking a second degree must submit a new application, a personal statement and two letters of recommendation. Transcripts, graduate admission test scores, and English proficiency test scores used to evaluate the original application will be carried forward to the new application.

International students seeking to continue or return for a second degree must also submit a current financial statement in addition to the other documents specified. Students are subject to degree requirements in effect the first semester they attend classes in the second degree program.

Returning for a Second MBA Concentration

Any alumna/us who has earned an MBA from Dominican University may return as a student-at-large to complete an additional concentration. Alumni are eligible to complete concentrations in place when they matriculate as students-at-large, as well as concentrations that are added subsequent to the student’s start date. Only courses completed within six years of the completion of the MBA will satisfy concentration requirements.

Student-at-Large Status

An applicant wishing to enroll as a student-at-large, rather than as a degree-seeking student, must submit a student-at-large application, an application fee, and official transcripts. Student-at-large status is permissible for one semester only and for a maximum of six-credit hours. International students are not eligible to apply for student-at-large status.

Courses of Instruction


Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Business Administration

Undergraduate Minors

Accelerated Bachelors/Masters Degree

Masters Degree

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