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2023-2024 University Bulletin 
2023-2024 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Accounting - B.B.A

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Because accounting is the language of business, careers for accounting majors exist in practically every industry. With an accounting major, it is possible to work in private or public accounting firms. Popular careers for students securing an undergraduate degree in accounting include staff accountant, financial reporting analyst, internal auditor, budget analyst, and tax manager. Not only does the accounting degree offer work-life balance, but it is also a highly flexible degree. Graduating with an accounting major helps students pivot into other careers such as education, manufacturing, or health care management, or fraud analytics. While the accounting major prepares students for a variety of careers, some students may be interested in pursuing the CPA examination. With a CPA designation, students have the possibility of working their way into C-suite positions and have more career possibilities to consider. Students seeking to sit for the CPA examination must satisfy additional requirements and should consult with their faculty advisor early.

Major Requirements:

CPA Exam

Students interested in sitting for the CPA exam should consult with their faculty advisor and consider completing the following undergraduate courses. Please consult with your faculty advisor regarding additional coursework at the undergraduate or graduate level to prepare for the CPA exam.  

Additional Requirements:

A minimum of one-half of the courses in the major field must be completed at Dominican. In addition, a minimum of four of the required accounting courses must be completed at Dominican.

Students majoring in accounting are advised to complete MATH 130  or MATH 170  to satisfy the mathematics foundation requirement.

Additional Information

Additional Information Regarding the CPA Examination

Accounting students seeking to sit for the CPA examination should consult with their faculty advisor early. The curriculum completed by Brennan School of Business accounting graduates provides the necessary accounting and business courses required to sit for the CPA examination in Illinois and in most jurisdictions. CPA requirements vary by state so it is the responsibility of the student to review all requirements for the state in which they are seeking certification. The State of Illinois Board of Examiners (IBOE) requires that students must complete 150 semester hours of college credit to sit for the CPA exam.

The business ethics requirement is satisfied by BETH 301 .  In addition, the CPA communication requirement will be satisfied by successful completion of BCDP 200  and BCDP 300  ; however, students are encouraged to complete additional professional writing courses to enhance their success at passing the CPA exam.

To graduate from Dominican University, students must successfully complete 124 semester hours. Successful students can choose to complete the 150 semester hour requirement for the CPA exam by double majoring as an undergraduate student or by enrolling in a one-year graduate program of their choice. Students should work closely with their faculty advisor and review the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) website for changes or updates to the CPA exams. Students might consider pursuing additional coursework in data analytics, finance, economics, and professional writing to better prepare for the CPA examination.

Credit-hour requirements reflect the number of credits earned by students who complete all major requirements at Dominican University. These totals may be reduced due to waivers granted transfer students for certain courses or transfer-hour totals.

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