May 22, 2024  
2023-2024 University Bulletin 
2023-2024 University Bulletin

Music Minor

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The music minor is completed with either an emphasis in performance or an emphasis in music theory or composition.

Minor Requirements:

Emphasis in Performance

Students may be asked to pass an audition to become a music minor. Please contact the director of the music discipline regarding requirements. While on the first semester of applied study, students are considered on probation of the minor and pending approval of the professor for acceptance to the minor.

Practice and Performance Requirements of Music Minors

Even though they are not majors, music minors are expected to take their preparation for their private instruction classes seriously. The professors will communicate with the students daily practice requirements, which are expected to be followed closely. Lack of proper preparation will result to lower grades or inability to complete the class.

All music minor performance students have to complete each semester of their applied studies with either a performance in the designated Music Discipline Student Fall or Spring Recital. The possibility of completing the semester with a jury exists and the professor will help the student chose if a jury is needed instead of a performance.

Students who study an instrument at Concordia, learning an instrument that Dominican University does not offer, need to complete four semesters of 1 credit hour and follow the same requirement of performance or jury at the end of each semester (Concordia offers only 0.5 or 1 credit hours of instruction in instrumental study). The performances of those students, unless given special permission by the director of the music discipline at Dominican, have to take place at Dominican University.

Additional Information:

Students should consider completing MUS 178 - Fundamentals of Music and Class Piano II  in addition to MUS 101 - Fundamentals of Music and Class Piano I .

Students who do not have formal training in music will need to complete MUS 105 - Rudiments of Music Theory  before enrolling in MUS 107 - Music Theory I .

Emphasis in Music Theory or Composition

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