May 18, 2024  
2023-2024 University Bulletin 
2023-2024 University Bulletin

Chemistry - B.S.

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Major Requirements:

Additional Requirements:

  • Physics and mathematics requirements should be completed by the end of the sophomore year.
  • The satisfactory/fail option may not be used in any courses, including collateral courses, required for the major.
  • A minimum grade of C- must be earned in all courses in the major, including collateral courses.
  • A minimum of five courses in the major field must be completed at Dominican.
  • Chemistry majors are encouraged to register for CHEM 295, 395, or 495: Independent Undergraduate Research or Creative Investigation.
  • Students may not double major in both Chemistry and Biology-Chemistry.
  • Internship and Independent Undergraduate Research or Creative Investigation courses will not count towards advanced electives.

Chemistry Education

Teacher Licensure: Secondary Education

Students who wish to teach chemistry in grades 9 through 12 complete a major in chemistry and they complete the School of Education’s Teacher Education Program for secondary licensure.

Chemistry Requirements

  • Chemistry major as described above
  • One additional course in biology

Teacher Education Program

  • Three state tests: the Test of Academic Proficiency, the Elementary/Middle Grades content test, and the grades K-9 Assessment of Professional Teaching

  • 100 hours of field experience

  • Professional portfolio

  • Clinical Practice (one full semester) in a middle or secondary school classroom

For more information about 6-12 licensure, see the School of Education  section of this bulletin.

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