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2022-2023 University Bulletin 
2022-2023 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Natural Science - B.S.

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Major Requirements:

Required Courses:

Additional Requirements:

Seven of the required courses must have a laboratory component and at least 9 semester hours must be in courses numbered 250 or higher.

A student must receive a minimum grade of C- in all courses used to satisfy the major requirements.

A minimum of five courses in the major field must be completed at Dominican.

Students who major in natural sciences may not also major in biology or biology-chemistry.

Optional Areas of Concentration:

Health Sciences Concentration:

The concentration in health sciences within the natural sciences major provides students with the necessary background to be competitive upon acceptance into entry-level masters program in nursing (MSN) and graduate programs in other allied health careers.

Required Courses:

Environmental Studies Concentration:

This interdisciplinary field of study has an emphasis on human interactions with the environment and the public policies-locally, nationally, and internationally - that shape those interactions. The student completing this concentration will have a strong background in the laboratory, in political science, and in business that is necessary to understand the complexity of environmental issues. Students are encouraged to choose a minor in a field that complements their specific career goals.

Required Courses:

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