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2021-2022 University Bulletin 
2021-2022 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Translation and Interpretation Studies Minor

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The minor in translation and Interpretation studies introduces students to diverse traditions, theories, and practices of translation and prepares them to produce entry-level professional translations (written) and interpretations (oral) in a variety of professional environments, including legal, medical, business, and cultural settings. The core courses cover general culture, theory, and practical skills necessary to analyze, interpret, and translate texts from a source to a target language. The specific track courses, the internship, and the capstone give students the opportunity to pursue individual professional interests related to translation studies and its professional application. All students will build and maintain a digital portfolio, to be presented publically in an appropriate venue in the final year of the student’s undergraduate career. The portfolio will accumulate sample translation and interpretation work for the minor to be used to assess skill growth as well as evidence program outcomes are being met. Upon completion of the minor, students will be guided in taking a certification exam of their choice, if desired.

Program Prerequisites

Any student who demonstrates intermediate-advanced oral and writing proficiency in another language other than English is welcomed into the program. However, all students must have a faculty mentor who is appropriately credentialed to provide oversight and assessment to the student of their non-English language translation and interpretation work. Proficiency can be measured by a student’s language placement exam results, a student’s ability to take advanced courses in the target language early in their college career, and upon language faculty assessment.  

Additional Information

  • Students who choose to study abroad to gain credits towards the translation and interpretation studies minor (in lieu of completing either TRAN 299  or TRAN 455  will need to complete assignments or take courses related to the field of translation and interpretation studies while outside of the United States.

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