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2021-2022 University Bulletin 
2021-2022 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Graphic Design - B.A.

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The major in graphic design is a sequence of courses that teaches the student the process of creative problem solving through design. By integrating concept development and artistic practice with technology, students acquire an understanding of the art of visual communication as preparation for professional employment in the field of graphic design or for graduate study.

Facilities include a digital media classroom with Macintosh computers, flatbed and film scanners, a digital projection system, color and black-and-white tabloid laser printers, and industry-standard graphic design software.

Art and Design Foundation Core

Visual literacy is at the heart of the foundation core. In a world of increased and accelerated visual imagery, with greater numbers of people having the resources to create their own images, it is important to be able to understand how images work, both psychologically and physiologically.

Foundation courses offer students the perceptual and technical knowledge required to effectively create and control their own images. Survey courses in art history set up a historical context for students’ own work and help lay the groundwork for further study in art history, theory, and criticism.

Prospective majors are advised to consult with a member of the art faculty in planning their program and to complete the foundation core as soon as possible.

Core Requirements

Seven courses (21 credit hours):

Additional Requirements:

Students majoring in graphic design are strongly advised to take an internship in their junior year.

A minimum of 24 hours in the major field must be completed at Dominican. These hours must include ART 318  and ART 413 .

Art Education

Teacher Licensure: Art Education grades K-12

Art and design students who wish to teach art in kindergarten through 12th grades complete their chosen major and complete the School of Education’s Teacher Education Program for K-12 licensure. 

Additional Art Education Requirements

  • Students must complete one of the art and design majors
  • Art education students must take ART 206 , ART 260 , and ART 270 .

Teacher Education Program

  • Three state tests: the Test of Academic Proficiency, the Elementary/Middle Grades content test, and the grades K-9 Assessment of Professional Teaching

  • 100 hours of field experience

  • Professional portfolio

  • Clinical practice (one full semester) split between an elementary and either a middle or a secondary school classroom

For more information about K-12 licensure, see the School of Education  section of this bulletin.

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