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2021-2022 University Bulletin 
2021-2022 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Honors Program Seminars and Courses

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The Honors Program curriculum intentionally focuses the energies of students not only on introductory work in various fields, but also on the skills advanced students need to acquire in their majors. It provides honors students with multiple intensive engagements with writing, reading, and discussion, as well as with encounters focused on the methods needed in the creation of new knowledge.  The curriculum allows space in a student’s career for a practicum that may take the form of an internship, independent research, signature work, or study abroad.  Students also design a portfolio that documents and reflects their honors pathway.


Honors seminars and honors courses are open only to students admitted to the university’s honors program.  The honors curriculum includes: foundations, and (depending on point of entry) two honors seminars, five courses with the HN designation (labeled Big Questions and Investigations and Explorations); all students must complete one course in Theology, one course in Multicultural Studies (Diversity and Social Justice), and credit-bearing practicum in addition to maintaining a portfolio.  A minimum GPA of 3.30 is required.

Students in the Mazzuchelli Scholars Honors Program who successfully meet these challenges are awarded a degree of Bachelor of Arts with University Honors, Bachelor of Science with University Honors, Bachelor of Business Administration with University Honors, or Bachelor of Science in Nursing with University Honors.


    First-year Honors Seminars: Thoughts and PassionsHonors: Big QuestionsHonors Explorations and Investigations
    Senior Honors Seminars: Wisdom and Power

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