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2022-2023 University Bulletin 
2022-2023 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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EDU 520 - Educational Psychology (K-12)

3 Credit Hours

This course focuses on the concepts and principles of human development, motivation, and learning theories (K-12). While the course is theoretical in nature, candidates explore the application of theory to classroom practice. A particular focus is placed on the developmental characteristics and the nature and needs of elementary, middle/early adolescent, and secondary learners. Candidates develop an understanding of student development and learning within the context of their social, economic, cultural, linguistic, and academic experiences. They develop an understanding of the impact of linguistic and cultural diversity on learning and communication. They learn to apply this foundational knowledge in instructional situations in elementary, middle, and secondary school settings to meet individual student needs. Candidates examine current research and journal articles to develop an awareness of the resources available to support teaching.

Note: Candidates are required to earn 25 clock hours of field experience to complete this course. This course is a prerequisite for other program courses and must be completed no later than the third course in the program.

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