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2017-2018 University Bulletin 
2017-2018 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

College of Health Sciences

Courses of Instruction


The College of Health Sciences of Dominican University prepares professionals for compassionate service and leadership in health care in order to promote health and wellness, and to sustain and improve the quality of life of individuals, groups, and their communities through the application of evidence-based clinical interventions.


Dominican University will be a regional leader in the delivery and innovation of health sciences education. Serving a diverse student population, the College of Health Sciences will provide a robust portfolio of practice-intensive health science programs, enriched by mission, that prepare graduates to work in critically needed health care specialties with cultural competencies, a team-based disposition, and the technological skills needed to serve in multidisciplinary and complex medical settings with diverse populations.


The College of Health Sciences offers 4 undergraduate programs, 2 undergraduate certificates, one minor and two graduate degree programs.

The College of Health Sciences was developed to meet student needs in the emerging and growing area of health sciences.  Our programs build on Dominican’s strengths in the natural sciences and bring together established as well as new programs in nutrition and dietetics, medical science, nursing, and physician assistant studies. 

The College reflects the commitment to the University’s mission of preparing students to pursue truth and to give compassionate service. The curriculum is taught by faculty who are strong academicians and highly experienced practitioners who understand the needs of future healthcare professionals.  Our students, while pursuing rigorous and engaging academic programs, learn to work in and serve the communities in which they live and enable Dominican to do its part to address critical shortages of health care professionals in the Chicago area and beyond.

Courses of Instruction