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Undergraduate Bulletin 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Pre-Law Minor

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The courses required for the pre-law minor are selected to create a rigorous and challenging foundation in legal philosophy, skills, and ideas. All these courses will help to prepare the student not just for entrance into law school, but also for success once there. Internships are encouraged for students wishing to attend law school, but hours may not be applied to the minor.

Minor Requirements:

Six courses are required: one course each from six of the seven areas outlined below (up to two courses from the writing skills area may be used for the minor) 

Legal Thinking

The following courses are intended to help the student enter the world of legal thinking through an understanding of legal processes and how one may approach legal questions.

Constitutional Law

These courses are required courses at all law schools and provide the introduction and upper-level challenge necessary for success in law school.

One course may be used in the minor.

Philosophical Thinking

The philosophical foundation of law is addressed in all law schools and an approach to problems that demand abstract thinking and logical reasoning is essential to success in law school. These challenging courses help students learn “how to think” and approach problems in a rigorous intellectual way.

Two courses, no more than one from each group below, may be used in the minor: 

Legal Approaches

The field of law has gained immensely from its study from more than just a purely legal perspective. These include advanced psychological studies of individual behavior and the application of law in business. Of particular importance is the field of criminology. These courses are selected to expose students to these important perspectives in preparation for the diversity of opportunities available following law school.

Two courses, no more than one from each area below, may be used in the minor:

Legal Ideas and Skills

Legal ideas and skills courses are selected to help the student develop skills and knowledge through improved writing, reading, and understanding of areas of knowledge that may aid in their pursuit of a legal career.

Writing Skills

Writing skills are essential for success in law school and as a lawyer. Of the 12 books John Marshall Law School advises incoming students to read, four of them are on grammar and writing. Because of this fact, students, with prior approval, may opt for two courses from this section for 6 credit hours.

One course may be used in the minor (permission to use two writing courses in the minor can be requested of the minor director): 

Legal Ideas and Additional Skills

All of the following courses are intended to challenge students and expose them to different perspectives on thinking and law that they may encounter in the future as they pursue a more specific law degree and practice. Students may also count for this requirement any single course from the above categories not taken to fulfill that category. This may include a third writing course for non-English majors. In addition, up to 3 credit hours of relevant service learning experience may satisfy this category with prior approval from the minor director. Of particular note is the extensive availability of oral communication courses at Dominican. Oral communication is an important component of law school courses and the practice of law. Students who identify room for improvement in this area should take advantage of these courses and consult the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences about the increased value of a minor in the field. Students with advanced writing skills (particularly English minors and majors) should also consult the pre-law advisor about additional oral communication course credits.

One course may be used in the minor: 

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