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Undergraduate Bulletin 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Theatre Arts - B.A.

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Major Requirements:

The completion of at least 45 and not more than 54 semester hours of theatre, of which at least 15 hours in the major must be completed at Dominican.

Required Core Courses for Specific Concentrations:

Students majoring in theatre arts must complete a concentration in one of the following areas: performance, design/technical, dramaturgy, or general theatre studies.

Design/Technical Concentration

Additional Requirements:

In addition to the required foundation and core courses, a major in theatre arts requires:

  • Reading of 100 plays over a four-year period, beginning with ancient Greek classics through contemporary theatre; most plays will be covered in theatre courses;
  • All majors and minors with a concentration in performance or general theatre studies are required to participate in four annual group auditions: specific requirements to be determined annually;
  • Portfolio reviews are required for technical theatre and dramaturgy concentrations.

Some of the above requirements, determined by the faculty, may be waived for transfer students.


It is strongly recommended that theatre majors complete an interdisciplinary minor or second major, such as art, art history, business administration, rhetoric and communication, English, fashion design, graphic design, history, music, psychology, or sociology.

Additional Information

Theatre arts majors and minors should seriously consider the Dominican-in-London fall semester in their junior or senior year. An 8-credit tutorial in any aspect of British theatre provides the opportunity to study in one of the great theatre capitals of Europe. Options include working with members of the Royal Shakespeare Company, BBC personnel, as well as other British theatre/media professionals. The semester practicum requirement is waived for London participants.

Teacher Licensure: Elementary Education

Students who wish to teach grades K-9 may major in theatre arts and complete the School of Education’s Teacher Education Program. In addition to an elementary license, students would be eligible for a middle school endorsement in theatre arts. Students complete the major in theatre arts and the following:

  • Professional education courses as outlined in the School of Education  section of this bulletin

  • One life science and one physical science course; one of these must have a lab (one of the courses will count toward the natural science areas studies requirement)

  • Three state tests: the Test of Academic Proficiency, the Elementary/Middle Grades content test, and the grades K-9 Assessment of Professional Teaching

  • 100 hours of field experience

  • Professional portfolio

  • Clinical practice (one full semester) in an elementary or middle school classroom.

For more information about the elementary licensure program, see the School of Education  section of this bulletin.

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