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Undergraduate Bulletin 2013-2014 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Rhetoric and Communication - B.A.

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The mission of the rhetoric and communication major is to provide curriculum and community that teach students how to be citizens in the 21st century. The major emphasizes the role communication plays in shaping our reality in a variety of social and political settings. Required courses bring theory and practice together as students study the historical and theoretical foundations of the field. Other major requirements equip students with the competencies employers are looking for in a globally competitive world, including effective oral and written communication skills, critical thinking and reading, problem solving, and decision making. Students complete a rigorous academic program consisting of courses in general education, historical and theoretical foundations, research methods, performance, application (especially in one of the most predominant fields today, media), and practical experience. A degree in rhetoric and communication is designed to enhance students’ lives and careers through a clearer understanding of the role communication plays in their professional and personal lives.

Major Requirements:

Forty-two semester hours chosen in conference with a department advisor must be completed. Students will complete general education courses from each area of the department, historical and theoretical foundations, performance-based courses, critical and media classes, and a practical experience requirement. Required courses also fulfill university and department expectations for critical reading, writing, and research.

Required Courses:

Capstone Requirement:

All students must complete a capstone project. To fulfill the capstone requirement, students would have to complete ONE of the following:

  • Create a project in CAS 262  and complete IRB application (for separate 1-credit independent study) and complete the research project and final paper in ENGL 345 

  • Complete CAS 308  and apply to present final academic paper at a conference approved by the instructor (for separate 1-credit independent study)

  • Complete CAS 350  and write final academic paper (for separate 1-credit independent study)

If a student were to choose the first option or take ENGL 345  in addition to the second or third option, he or she could be a candidate for graduation with distinction.

Additional Requirements:

A minimum of 12 hours in the major field must be completed at Dominican.

Courses in language and in international studies as well as a semester abroad are recommended for the student who desires to add a global perspective to his or her career focus.

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