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Undergraduate Bulletin 2012-2013 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

International Business - B.A.

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The international business major provides preparation for a career in all fields of business management across cultures and international borders. All students selecting the international business major are strongly urged to participate in the study abroad programs offered through Dominican University.

Course work completed during a student’s study abroad program may be substituted for the major courses, if approved by the international business advisor.

Students who major in international business will earn the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Major Requirements:

Areas of Concentration:

Five courses from one of the following concentrations:

Language Concentration

Students must complete five courses beyond 102 in French, Italian or Spanish offered at Dominican University. Language courses taught in English do not meet this requirement.

Upon selecting this concentration, the student must meet with the international business advisor, who will coordinate the international business and language requirements. Selection of the modern foreign language courses must be approved by a faculty member from the Department of Modern Foreign Languages. International business students who wish to prepare for the examinations leading to the certificates offered by the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid or the Chamber of Commerce of Paris must take additional language course work. See the appropriate language faculty for specific information.

Students educated outside the United States may not choose their native language to fulfill the language component of the international business major. Students may also choose five courses in another language not offered at Dominican University. Such course work must be approved by the director of the international business program to be accepted in transfer in partial completion of the major.

Students whose first language is not English and who have completed their secondary school education in a non-English-speaking country may select the international business major with English as the language component, with the approval of a designated faculty member from the English department. The English component requires five courses in English and in American history:

Complete one of the following courses:

Complete two of the following courses:

Complete the following two courses: 

Other courses may be substituted based on the student’s background and with permission of the international business and English advisors.

International Studies Concentration

Students must complete five courses including:

Additional Requirements:

The satisfactory/fail option may be used for only one repeated course required for the major.

A minimum of 15 hours in the major field must be completed at Dominican.


This program provides opportunities for the well-prepared student to work in the area of international business. An internship is done as required course work or as independent study. The experience of on-the-job training gives the student a realistic view of the major field and often widens the horizon of job choice.

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