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Undergraduate Bulletin 2012-2013 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Corporate Communications - B.A.

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A corporate communications major will learn and be trained to use the communication skills relating to the “people side” of business. Majors will be trained not only in the communication skills related to formal presentational speaking and business writing, but also in the full range of interpersonal and group skills critical in corporate life.

The education and skills training in the corporate communications major at Dominican University prepare students for a myriad of careers, ranging from corporate communications consultant/director to anchorperson or political campaign director.

The major’s mission, moreover, is more than simply to prepare students for a job: the mission is to develop the student’s natural gifts while guiding him or her in a direction that will make the journey meaningful.

Flexibility is built into this major, as it cross-lists numerous related courses from other departments and thus can be tailored to the career goals of individual students.

All majors are required to become student members of the National Communication Association and/or the Central States Speech Association prior to having a major card signed. All majors are heartily urged to join and participate in Dominican’s local chapter of the National Communication Association’s Student Honor Society, Lambda Pi Eta, if invited.

Major Requirements:

The major requires a minimum of 34 hours, including the following:

Capstone Requirement:

All students must complete a capstone project. To fulfill the capstone requirement, students would have to complete ONE of the following:

  • Create a project in CAS 262  and complete IRB application (for course intensification) and complete the research project and final paper in ENGL 345 

  • Complete CAS 308  and apply to present final academic paper at a conference approved by the instructor (for course intensification)

  • Complete CAS 350  and write final academic paper (for course intensification)

If a student were to choose the first option or take ENGL 345  in addition to the second or third option, he or she could be a candidate for graduation with distinction.

Additional Requirements:

A minimum of 12 hours in the major field must be completed at Dominican.

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