Oct 28, 2021  
2021-2022 University Bulletin 
2021-2022 University Bulletin

Certificate in Archives and Cultural Heritage Resources and Services

Archivists and cultural heritage professionals assist institutions, communities, corporations and other entities develop and maintain archival systems, resources and services; promote a better understanding of the past; develop a new perspective of the present; and cultivate a spirit of involvement. Careers in archives and cultural heritage include:

  • archives or cultural heritage collection processing and management
  • community archives development and management
  • digital archives or collections development and maintenance
  • cultural heritage documentation and preservation
  • historical records curation
  • electronic records systems development and management

Fieldwork Experiences

This certificate offers students the opportunity to engage in a high level of archival fieldwork. Past projects have seen students working side-by-side with professional archivists in community archives, historical societies, corporations and other institutions.

Additional Information

  • Certificates are offered for students currently pursuing a master’s of library and information science degree or returning scholars who want to add the specialization to a completed Dominican MLIS degree or its equivalent from an ALA-accredited graduate library program. Candidates work in collaboration with a faculty advisor to shape a plan of study.
  • Students who graduate with an MLIS lacking one or more courses towards a certificate can enroll in the course(s) any time within five years of graduating in order to add the certificate to the transcript. Students must enroll as a student-at-large (credit-bearing), not as an auditor (non-credit-bearing).
  • Students seeking two certificates may use courses that “count” toward more than one to fulfill requirements for both certificates. In other words, if a course is eligible for two certificates the student need only take it once, and may apply its credit toward both.
  • Students may also combine this certificate with other coursework toward the Master of Professional Studies .