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2017-2018 University Bulletin 
2017-2018 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Master of Arts in Education

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Students who have completed an endorsement program through the School of Education have the option of elevating to degree-seeking status and applying the coursework completed as part of the endorsement program towards the degree. The required coursework for the endorsement programs range from 15-24 credit hours. After completion of the endorsement program and application and acceptance into the Master of Arts in Education (MAED) program, candidates would be required to take additional coursework to total 30 credit hours (an additional 6-15 credit hours, depending on which endorsement program was completed). Once accepted into the MAED program, candidates work with their advisor to choose additional graduate level coursework offered by the School of Education to reach a total of 30 credit hours. The choice of courses would be up to the candidate; however, prerequisite requirements would need to be considered in choosing coursework.

Admission Requirements

Candidates who opt to elevate to the MAED program may do so only after completing one of the SOE endorsement programs. Candidates may apply for the MAED elevation during or after the semester during which they are enrolled in their final endorsement courses. Candidates for elevation must meet the following criteria:

  • Full acceptance into their endorsement program.
  • At least one half of their endorsement courses taken at Dominican University (Note- only 6 credit hours may be transferred in towards the degree).
  • Final endorsement courses taken at Dominican University.
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher and no grades lower than a C in any endorsement coursework. Candidate may not have any unresolved incompletes for any endorsement coursework at the time of application.
  • No dispositional concerns filed during their endorsement programs.

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