Sep 20, 2020  
2017-2018 University Bulletin 
2017-2018 University Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Theatre Arts - B.A.

Major Requirements:

The completion of at least 45 and not more than 54 semester hours of theatre, of which at least 15 hours in the major must be completed at Dominican.

Required Core Courses for Specific Concentrations:

Students majoring in theatre arts complete a concentration in one of the following areas: performance, technical, or general theatre studies.

Performance Concentration Core Courses

Additional Requirements:

In addition to the required foundation and core courses, a major in theatre arts requires:

  • Participation in the annual audition/portfolio review process. This happens every September and serves as the audition for fall producation(s).
  • Reading of 100 plays over a four-year period; most plays will be covered in theatre courses.

Some of the above requirements, determined by the faculty, may be waived for transfer students.


It is strongly recommended that theatre majors complete an interdisciplinary minor or second majo. Some complimentary majors include but are not limited to offerings from communications, business, psychology, sociology, art/art history, English, and apparel.